Our boss went to an Italian customer to talk about the work vest order

August 18th, our boss went to Italy, met the boss of Z company, mainly talked about the order of the work vest.

微信图片_20180719132033_副本.jpgOur boss visited Z's store, warehouse, and sample room. 

Z Company is a comprehensive import company that integrates overalls, pants, T-shirts and hats. The annual import volume is as high as 50 million euros. In the five years we cooperated, we have exported a total of up to 5 million US dollars of tooling to Z company.

In addition to working vests, there are many products that we can do.

After a pleasant morning conversation and sample testing, they reached an order for 100,000 work vest a year again, in addition to bringing back 10,000 multi pocket vests new style and 10,000 chino pants orders new design.

Welcome our boss to return successfully!

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