A business owner confession, costume boss voice!

A business owner confession, costume boss voice!

The Confessions of a Clothing Enterprise in the Yangtze River Delta

I am a small owner of a factory in the Yangtze River Delta. Starting from scratch, labor-intensive industries, from five people to 300 factories in five years. However, since the factory had never been so tired this year, confused, do not know where the way out?

First, no workers can be hired - Workers' wages and foods are priced at 3000-5500 (excluding insurance), but they can't recruit people. In the talent market, hired car workers, introduced "we pay 4,000 yuan / month, you leave a call, you can go to our factory to see." The other party scornfully looks at your recruitment advertisement: "Forget it, don't waste your telephone bill."

Now that the labor market is no longer expected, it is fixed to the intermediary that each worker introduced to give 100 yuan, and the intermediary is not unwilling to introduce it every day. However, it will not take two days to come. The trend of short-term work is obvious. Just want to do 1, 2 months, and then a little money to rest, no money and then mixed for two months, are such mentality.

At the entrance to the labor market in Andermen, a large number of scorpions ran rampant. If they could not enter the factory, they would use a variety of excuses to deceive enterprises (even to artificially create work-related injuries). There are so many things like this. Don't know what ZF is doing? The current top beam workers in the factory are all 40 upwards. After 80 and 90, there were too many posts to discuss, not to mention.

The company installed broadband for the dormitory, air-conditioning, bought ping-pong, and billiards. Younger people turn around and mouth is greedy, your factory is too partial, your factory accommodation environment is not good. I just wanted to marry my mother. When I slept in a shantytown house in the river, when the cold winter shivered, I hadn't complained about the poor conditions. Now the young people can't really mention it. Some time ago, I wanted to ask Gansu students to bring workers from Gansu. As a result, one can't bring it, because the workers there are equally nervous. I really don't understand. Every day, the Internet says that the company has closed down, layoffs, and people? ? Did you give me the person you cut down? - Enrolling more students in education, we must learn from the large number of laborers that should be put on the market. After they come out, they will not succeed. After five years in 1 year, they lose 20 million first-line workers in four years. Can the labor force be nervous?

Second, artificially rising wages, the pressure on business has soared. Each year, the social security fee base has been adjusted in July. Our first law operates almost 70% of the employees, unless they are willing to hand over 5 insurance (no way, but also to stay). Social security fees ranged from more than 300/person in 2008 to more than 900 yuan/person now. I just wanted to say, do you know how much pressure small businesses have? (I'm old. If I get bankrupt, can I get that old-age insurance? That's 67. Can we get it?)

Third, really can not afford to hurt - now every day the spirit of high tension, afraid of security problems. Whenever you have a problem, you get tens of thousands of people. The driver jumps from the car and says he has a broken leg. I'm sorry, you have to lose 20,000 for work-related injuries. The worker tried it for three days and put his hand in the equipment. He suffered a broken bone. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you have to lose 50,000 if you are injured. The worker was hit by a motorcycle on the road. I'm sorry you have to lose money, 70,000, work injury, and work (God knows). The clerk drove outside to visit and died. I'm sorry, you lose money, 200,000 (a total of 600,000 insurance and Nanjing casualties, but fortunately there are car insurance). Familiar with the labor law should know that out of trouble, real social insurance in the small head of the head injury compensation, the bulk of your business still have to bear. Labor law, you are really too strong, and put the responsibility that society should bear on the enterprise.

Difficulties with riding a tiger, physical and mental exhaustion - I have been in the garment factory for so many years. I haven't traveled once, I have given myself a holiday, and I spent 365 days a year and 360 days working. During the Chinese New Year, the New Year 30 received arrears outside. The workers are not enough. Going back and forth every morning and evening, it is normal to get home at 9:00 pm, and both husband and wife work together.

I really admire the civil servants recruiting nine to five, and they go to work at 3 o'clock in the summer, take a two-week holiday, and begin to say that the leaders must lead the annual vacation. For many years, the dry factory had broken the Toyota that was bought in 2006. It was just a poor little money that was earned. In order to maintain the factory's immortality, they invested in it.

To sum up, people are better off than people. Goods are still sold. You are a donkey. No one cares about your life and death. Some people say that when the boss is more scenery, in fact, when the boss is more to the country to the workers to work, the driving force is to continue to struggle to achieve their own life value of the small ideal, their own fuel!

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