Body warmer soft winter blank polar fleece work clothes

Body warmer soft winter blank polar fleece work clothes

1, specifications, first of all to talk about the specifications, that is, we all know, the size of work clothes must be positive, not the subject of M, the actual L. Garbled or wrong phenomenon?

2, work to go alignment, the line, mainly to see whether the coveralls car line is straight? Whether the symmetry? Needle spacing is thin or dense?

Did you hit "Rewind Pin" at the beginning? Back to the needle: In the beginning of a general work clothes to go back and forth generally take a few stitches, so uniforms are not easy to open, but also a car at the end of the time also knock down the needle back. Are to prevent him a pull on the mouth of the general weaving more obvious, such as a woven skirt, you can see him at the interface did not take a few more stitches, see the side seams can see clothes are some of the more partial , Most people do not pay attention to see the place, "collar" "sleeves, armpits cuffs and so on."

3, the car line is neat. The pull of the loose and tight in different parts of the different requirements "For example, the shoulder, the body parts of the regular activities, loose a little better at the bottom of the clothes, a little tight, the best a uniform clothes Best, neckline, neckline pins, armpit car line, whether the interface back to the needle.

4, symmetrical plate type is not, there is no tidy slice.

5, regulate the packaging, look at a work clothes, first tiled down, take a look at there will be color, except when accurate, there is the uniform uniform up and down, and then check there are no small holes and so on.

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