Cargo Pants Men Update

Cargo Pants Men Update

 Not like the star network red high-profile, but by the designers, exhibitors as a guest; not as expert commentators are active, but in the major fashion media to express the view of the words like gold, was interviewed by reporters as an authoritative argument, they It is the "squatting role" of the new students in the fashion industry chain. Such a group of people who race with the trend, they have a fashion name - "buyers."(Work Pants

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Speaking of Chinese fashion consumption, after the 90s and 00s, they have almost “shouldered”. They don’t need to spend almost all of their savings on the property as their predecessors. They are more open, more aesthetic and more rational than the previous generation. At the same time, the diversity of consumer culture and the fragmentation of value orientation have become an unquestionable market reality. The diffusion of consumer groups has formed a multi-layered demand, a more cost-effective luxury brand, and a closer to the young people's lifestyle. The trend of the brand, the local designer brand closer to the Chinese market is gradually dividing the market of the original luxury monopoly.(Chino Pants

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In this transition process, we need a new intermediate force - buy hands to organize and reconcile, they must be able to buy according to customer needs, and even have the ability to fine-tune and improve the products they buy, plainly, buyers The system is a user-oriented model. Some people say that the spring of the buyer system has arrived. In fact, it should be understood that the market returns to the retail essence that meets the needs of consumers.(Short Pants

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