Chemical fabric make into rain jacket ,padding vest

Chemical fabric make into rain jacket ,padding vest

Chemical fiber fabric is a new kind of material which has been developed in modern times.Here mainly refers to the processed into the pure chemical fiber spinning, blended or interwoven fabric, that is made of pure chemical fiber woven fabric, not including between natural fiber and blended, interwoven fabric, the characteristics of chemical fiber fabrics made by the nature of its chemical fiber itself.

Comfort: from simulation to super true.Some of products such as workwear,padding vest,rain jacket.

Chemical fiber has three advantages in the early stage of development: one is strong and durable;The second one is easy to take care of, have anti-wrinkle and avoid pressing characteristics;Third, large-scale industrial production can be carried out, rather than taking up land with natural fibers, and processing time and effort and production are limited.

But these traditional advantages of chemical fiber are no longer "beautiful".One is that nowadays people dress in comfort and fashion, and as the concept of consumption changes, the strong and durable chemical fiber becomes useless.Second, with the development of textile technology, natural fibers can be cleaned after finishing and can be easily managed.Third, people have realized that the petroleum resources cannot be renewable, and the chemical fiber industry, which depends on petroleum resources, will one day face the disaster of "extinction".When the traditional advantage landscape is no longer, the moisture absorption of chemical fiber, poor comfort, poor hand sense and other weaknesses are highlighted.Therefore, starting from the comfort of natural fiber, the natural fiber is the "blue book", and the simulation and transformation of chemical fiber has become the driving force for the progress of chemical fiber technology.

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