China Hi Vis Pants Hot Sales Cheap

China Hi Vis Pants Hot Sales Cheap

Simply put, jeans and a white shirt are versatile, and any pair of shoes goes well.No matter it is flared (trousers), straight pants, wide leg pants, tight pants, ripped pants, patch pants, can be a good concave shape, shirt is not necessarily white shirt, flower shirt, striped shirt, color shirt, can modify the body shape, can match a small scarf, more fashion.

Protective CoverallReflective (vest) is used as a safety warning protection equipment, is made of cloth and plain weave cloth.The key is the reflective material on the vest, which is the reflective lattice or high brightness reflective cloth.The refraction of crystal lattice and the reflection principle of glass beads are used.

workwearWe can choose from its fabrics above all, because general (overalls) shirt is more wear-resisting, say so the tannin cloth that chooses, youth cloth is ok.If you choose that kind of denim, because it is hard and thick, so it is relatively tough and durable, usually very suitable for work wear.Additional we also can according to oneself be fond of, choose different design, because now style of overalls shirt is very diversiform.Secondly, we can choose the version of it, because the current version is very many, some loose type, suitable for the body.If you want your work shirt to look thinner, go for the one with a rounded hem.Finally, we can also choose according to the color, because the current work shirts are more sold, so there are more color series, if you like what style to choose what color.


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