Cleaning of anti-static coveralls

Cleaning of anti-static coveralls

Anti-static factory clothing is a special work coverall with dust-free and anti-static properties suitable for electronics, optical instruments, pharmaceuticals, microbiology engineering, precision instruments and other industries. The coverall is 微信图片_20171128134921.jpggenerally a synthetic fiber fabric with embedded conductive filaments.

The most important part of the management of anti-static overall is cleaning. Although the fiber itself is a clean fiber that is difficult to soil, how to maintain it is an important factor, that is, the cleaning method. If the ordinary washing method is used, of course, it will be stained instead. So special methods must be used. Clean coverall, from the management point of view, must also be cleaned in the clean room when cleaning.


Normally, clean factory clothes are washed at least once a week, and some high-demand jobs are even washed once a day.

When cleaning in an ordinary room, dust and bacteria are attached, as well as contamination by detergent. In addition, there is a danger of dust and microorganisms adhering during packing and handling.

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