Clothing Knowledge Part Five

22, fine cloth: fabric than silk fast, fine and smooth surface, thin silk, soft and comfortable.

 23, poplin: fine texture, thin, soft cloth, smooth, crisp, clear surface grain particles full, shiny and shiny, good texture.

 24, barb yarn: texture is very thin, wearing a very good sense of comfort, good hygroscopicity and breathability, unique thin, thin, cool and other styles.

 25, khaki: fabric texture close, thick, fast, with good wear resistance, crisp, textured clear.

26, satin: smooth surface, delicate, soft, shiny, bright color, very good elastic texture (paintball coverall)is not easy to deformation.

 27, crepe cloth: uneven cloth, also known as walnut, thin and soft, smooth and novel, easy to stain.

28, Oxford cloth: a unique cotton fabric, with a soft touch, natural luster, more fabric stomata(work uniform), comfortable to wear, flat and good shape retention.

29, cotton satin: a satin cotton products, with a silk-like luster and satin style, soft, thick texture, flexible, comfortable to wear, the appearance of good color.

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