Clothing Knowledge Part Three

Clothing Knowledge Part Three


What are the common fabric? 58 kinds of common fabric knowledge, here is the part three:

10, pure hemp fine spinning: a fine, thin, crisp, smooth style, better breathability and comfort.

11, Xia Bu: Chinese traditional textiles(work uniform), fabric color white, soft luster, wearing sweat when isolated, crisp and cool features.

12, woven linen fabric: fine texture, durable, and clean side, feel than pure linen fabric, comfortable to wear.

13, Pali Division: is a wool blend of polyester(Sleeveless Vest), smooth surface, light texture, feel refreshing, crisp wrinkles, easy to wash and easy to dry, good wearing performance.

14, gabardine: also known as rolling small, waxy and smooth feel and touch, texture close and flexible, shiny smooth cloth smooth and natural.

15, Han taste it: different from the mixed fabric processing method, the hair surface Han taste it, Yuan surface Han taste it and blended Han flavor it, the surface of the wool flavor it Yuanze naturally soft, shades vaguely visible, feel no problem Rough, waxy and not rotten, a body, smooth Gushan it without hair, clear lines, smooth and smooth non-polar light, feel slippery and crisp. What kind of blend it, crisp and crisp, easy to wash free hot, better shape retention.

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