Clothing sizes

Clothing sizes

"Clothing size" is usually also called "dress size", but it has a wider meaning and is a series of specifications used to measure a person's dress standard

1, chest circumference (B0): the circumference of the chest is the fullest. Attention should be paid to the maintenance level of tape, and the normal volume of breathing should be ensured.

2, waist circumference (W0): circumference of the finest part of the waist for a week.

3. Hip circumference (H0): a full circumference of the buttocks for one week.

4. Shoulder circumference (S0): measure the distance between the left and right shoulder points from the front and rear levels of the human body (called the shoulder width before and after), and take the sum of the two. (generally can be seen as 2 times as wide as the front shoulder width)

5, neck circumference (N0): circumference of the root of the neck for a week.

6, height (H0): the ordinary distance from the top to the bottom of the foot.

7. The length of the upper body: the height of the top of the head to the union of the pubis. It is worth noting that the upper body length is not necessarily half the height.

In addition, there are also head circumference, lower chest circumference, arm root circumference, upper arm circumference, forearm circumference, wrist circumference, lower waist circumference, hip circumference, thigh circumference, leg circumference, ankle circumference and so on, but not commonly used.

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