fabric news of coverall

fabric news of coverall

Cotton coveralls obvious advantages, not only can play the role of absorbent breathable, and no harm to the human body, therefore, many companies in the industry will invariably require the use of cotton fabrics. However, because of the particularity of cotton coveralls made of materials, to a certain extent, decided to clean the degree of stress. So, cotton overalls should be how to do cleaning work? The following is a small series to share a few experiences:


First, gently rub wash, can not be exposed 

Cotton coveralls soft and thin texture cut, washing can not be brushed with a brush or brute force scrub, cool sun, finishing the body and collar, do not exposure to sunlight, it is best to put in the shade dry .


Second, soak with other clothing 

Dyeing strong cotton, foam and washing process may appear a slight fade, so try to break up with other clothes points. It should be noted that the working clothes soaking time should not be too long, average detergent and solution mediation, making clothes fade flat with each other.


Third, acidic detergent 

When cleaning cotton coveralls, the most noteworthy point is the water temperature, cotton fabric wrinkle resistance has not been very good, so the most appropriate cleaning temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius, and before cleaning, first Soak for a while, but the time need to grasp well, can not be too long nor too short, after washing should not wrung, cool in the shade cool sun, so as not to fade. It is recommended to use acidic detergent, like soap, to achieve neutralization.

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