Five points affecting the custom price of overalls (first part)

Five points affecting the custom price of overalls (first part)

When we buy products, the most intuitive quality and price of the goods, work clothes are no exception, we all need good quality and low price. What are the factors that affect the price when the price of the product is high?

    (1) overalls style;

    The difficulty of the style of the overalls is a small point that affects the price. The style of the overalls determines the technical requirements of the garment, and the process, the more complicated the style, the longer the production cycle, and of course the price will increase.


    (2) Fabric of workwear (the main factor affecting price);

    The cost of overalls fabrics is the largest proportion of the final price of overalls. Although the fabrics of overalls cover a wide range of fashions, they cannot be ignored. The common fabrics of overalls are polyester/cotton fabrics, cotton fabrics, denim fabrics, etc. Expensive, polyester and cotton are the cheapest, some special industries, such as: electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, cosmetics factory, aerospace, etc., they have strict requirements on fabrics, must have anti-static fabric with anti-static wire Another example: oilfields, petrochemicals, gas stations, chemicals, firefighting and other fabrics that require flame retardant. These special fabrics are more expensive than ordinary fabrics.

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