How does the Workwear Uniform company spend its head?

How does the Workwear Uniform company spend its head?

It has entered three days since today. As the saying goes: "The head of the dumplings is on the second side, and the three-volt pancakes spread the eggs." When the heat is on the head, people often have poor appetite, fatigue and powerlessness. If you don't pay attention, heatstroke will occur. What the people say is "bitter summer". There are many food customs in the “three days”, and many of them are very particular.

Why is it "head dumplings"?

In the ancient agricultural society, when it came to the fore, it was just a month when the wheat harvest was less than a month. Every family is full of warehouses. People use this opportunity to beat their teeth and eat white noodles. In the north, they must eat dumplings in the sky. Eating dumplings at the head is a traditional custom, because every time, people's appetites are not good, and they can't eat anything, and dumplings are an appetizing food in the traditional customs of the Chinese.

Below, we will lead everyone to eat dumplings by our Workwear Uniform company staff.




All the staff of our Workwear Uniform company wish everyone happy!

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