how to check the anti-static clothing

how to check the anti-static clothing

When checking the anti-static clothing purchased, please note the following:

     1. Anti-static clothing buttons, zippers, hooks, and other accessories, preferably plastic, nylon and other non-metallic materials. To ensure the best anti-static effect, if the anti-static clothing has metal accessories due to the manufacturing process, etc., care should be taken to ensure that the metal accessories are not exposed on the surface of the anti-static clothing.

     2. Look at the front and the back of anti-static clothing. It is best to use anti-static fabrics to make pockets, welts, reinforcements, etc. The area exposed should be less than 20% of the exposed area of all anti-static clothing. .

     3. For cotton clothing and full-lined work clothes made from cold and warm or other special requirements, the inner sleeve and full lining of the cotton should be detachable.

     4. Looking at anti-static fabrics, for the same type of conductive fibers, the higher the density added, the better the anti-static properties.

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