how to clean the Stains of workwear

how to clean the Stains of workwear

The uniform are stained with gums and gel stains and are difficult to remove. They can only be removed with a suitable method. Here are five common ways to remove stains:

The first universal adhesive removal

The uniform were stained with adhesive stains. Acetone or banana droplets could be used on the glue stains. Repeated brushing was repeated with a brush. After the glue stains became soft, they were removed from the fabric and rinsed with fresh water. Once it fails, it can be brushed several times and it can be washed. Acetate-containing fabrics should not be used in this manner to avoid damage to the overalls fabric.

Second white latex stain removal

White latex is a synthetic resin and is a polyvinyl acetate sizing. It is characterized by adhesion to the vast majority of cellulosic materials in addition to nylon and silk, so it can be firmly adhered to overalls. It also has a characteristic that can dissolve in a variety of solutions. We use its own characteristics to find ways to remove. Use a mixture of 60°C spirits or 8:2 alcohol (95%) and water to soak the white latex stains on the work clothes. After soaking for about half an hour, rinse with water until it is clean and then rinse with clean water. .

Third chewing gum stain removal

When the uniform are stained with chewing gum stains, you can use raw egg whites to remove the viscose on the surface of the coveralls, and then remove the loosened spots one by one. Finally, put them in a soapy solution and finally rinse with clean water. If it is a work clothes that cannot be washed, smear with carbon tetrachloride to remove the residual liquid.

Fourth glue stain removal

The work clothes are stained with glue and the like, and the contaminated parts of the work clothes may be soaked in warm water. When the stains are dissolved in water, they are rubbed by hand until the stains are completely removed, and then washed again with a warm wash solution. Finally, Rinse with clean water.

The fifth watercolor stain removal

Watercolors for painting In order to increase the color fastness, a suitable amount of water-soluble gum is added to the pigment. When the work clothes are stained with watercolor stains, the glue in the stain must first be dissolved and removed with hot water, then decolorized with detergent or diluted ammonia, and finally rinsed with clean water. White smocks can be decolorized with hydrogen peroxide.

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