How to remove rust from work clothes

How to remove rust from work clothes

What if the overalls are stained with rust? Here's how to remove rust stains from your clothes.


1: If you find that the overalls are stained with rust stains, don't worry, just immerse the overalls in water containing 2% acetic acid. After two or three minutes, rinse with water. If there are few stains, you can use cotton swabs to cover them. Five percent acetic acid water is applied to the stains over and over again, and the rust stains will disappear.


2: In addition to rust stains, paste the paste with lemon juice and salt in the stain, rub it once, wash it twice with water, and the rust can be removed.


3: It can be washed with 2% oxalic acid solution in warm water of about 50 ° C, and then rinsed with water. After crushing the powder with 3-4 vitamin C tablets, sprinkle it on the wet work clothes and then wash it with water several times to remove the rust stains. If it is rust stain, use 10% oxalic acid, citric acid and water mixture to soak the rust, then immerse in concentrated brine, and wash it after 1 day.

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