In addition to the Work Clothes, these eight types of clothes should not be machine washed

In addition to the Work Clothes, these eight types of clothes should not be machine washed


Underwear is generally lighter. Washing in a separate washing machine not only cleans but also wastes water. Although there are some special underwears to wear, underwear is a close-fitting clothing. It is not sanitary enough to be cleaned with other clothes, so it is recommended to use hand washing.

2. Socks

Because socks are worn under the feet for a long time, they are prone to sweaty smell, so they should be cleaned separately. Especially for some people with athlete's foot, if the socks are washed together with other clothes, it may cause skin infection.

3. Silk clothing

The silk garment is soft and thin, and has poor wear resistance. It is easily reversible and washed by the washing machine, and it is easy to fluff and hook the yarn at high speed. Even after washing a lot of pompons on the surface, it can not be repaired after drying.

4. Wool clothing

Extra care should be taken when cleaning wool fabrics. If it is put into the washing machine, it will be seriously shrunk and deformed. The woolen clothes are suitable for dry cleaning.

5. Artificial leather clothing

If the leatherette clothes are dirty, it is best to scrub them. Do not put them in the washing machine to clean or even dry them. It is easy to deform or wash.

6. Down jacket

It is best not to put the down jacket in the washing machine. The quality of the down jacket is relatively light and the air permeability is poor. When the drum rotates at high speed in the washing machine, the down jacket will expand continuously, and it is easy to form the airbag and float out of the drying cylinder, causing the clothes to be fixed with the washing machine. Parts rubbing, breaking, and even causing high-speed rotation of the dry cylinder to swing too large, impact damage, like a balloon blown by the drum, casually hit the sharp things will explode.

7. With accessories, handmade beaded clothing

If there are a lot of accessories on the clothes, such as a lot of sparkling decorations on the sweater, if you wash it with a washing machine, it will be easy to wash off, and the clothes will lose their brilliance; there will be many handmade beads on the handmade beaded clothes. These beads are in the Stir in the washing machine, it is easy to fall off, and even the washing machine will be damaged.

8. Dirty clothes with sand and mud

In the rainy season, muddy roads often appear. If you accidentally get mud, sand and other materials on your clothes, you should first clean the dirt on your clothes and put them in the washing machine to prevent the sand from falling into the corner seam of the washing machine. The washing machine works normally.

Our work clothes are made of polyester/cotton fabric, polyester fabric, nylon fabric, hand washable and machine washable.

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