Sunnytex Jacket Clothing Knowledge Part Six

Sunnytex Jacket Clothing Knowledge Part Six

Clothing Knowledge Part Six


30, corduroy: soft feel, velvet straight, clear lines, plump plump, durable texture fastness. Chino trousers

 31, flannelette: soft touch, good warmth, comfortable to wear, soft color appearance of cloth.

 32, cashmere: light texture, but also very warm, is a unique animal fibers unique in foreign countries have "fiber diamond", "soft gold," said, it has a soft, slender, smooth waxy, thin, flexible and so on Natural and soft color and moisture absorption, good wear resistance. hi vis pants图片2.png

33, rabbit hair: the proportion of small, warm, flexible, hygroscopic, soft, warm, beautiful and other characteristics, poor cohesion, low strength, easy to fall hair.

34, Mohair: high strength, high elastic recovery rate, anti-wrinkle ability, abrasion resistance and hygroscopicity, anti-fouling, dyeing is good, no shrinkage is not easy to shrink. high visibility clothing图片3.png

35, camel plush: lighter color, weak gloss, feel slippery, elasticity and strength, good warm, good wear resistance.

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