Keep learning, is a person's great artistic conception.

Keep learning, is a person's great artistic conception.

        According to the basic principles of marxist philosophy, the world that we exist is objective, and everything outside of consciousness is objective, and objective things exist before people's consciousness.Consciousness is the reflection of objective things in the human brain.Of course, things are objective and do not mean that we are powerless in the face of objective things and can only be passive.Consciousness has an active effect on objective things, that is to say, the right consciousness instructs us to practice, thus changing the state of things and serving ourselves.

In other words, correct practice should have the right consciousness as the blueprint.So how do we reflect the objective things correctly?The answer is learning, by learning, we can acquire knowledge, so that we can have the skills of a certain aspect, and then contribute to society, and create conditions for ourselves.

We humans have accumulated a great deal of spiritual wealth during the long development process. Even if we are proficient in one aspect, we need to study for a long time. Therefore, it is never too late to learn.

From our own point of view, learning is also a spiritual enrichment, in the process of learning, we will think, in the process of thinking, human nature will be sublimated.In our short lives, we need to highlight our values.When young, study is for the ideal, for stability;In middle age, learning is to supplement and supplement the empty mind;In old age, learning is a kind of artistic conception, slowly savoring and enjoying itself.

Never too old to learn, a common sentence, is a person's great artistic conception.I sunnytex company,we main products are workwear,coverall,vest,pants and so on.We keep learning some real time news to make work more easy.

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