Rejected white bills, dyeing expenses rose, cash out! Now delivery 40 days

Rejected white bills, dyeing expenses rose, cash out! Now delivery 40 days

In the weaving market, when the one-meter cloth is looting, the dyeing fee has risen again since the beginning of the year. However, really, the recent dyeing is really crazy. The original immovable dyeing fee was even rising several times in just one month.

Taking Wujiang Tianhong Printing and Dyeing Factory as an example, the dyeing fee was increased by 3% on March 8th, and on April 1st, the dyeing fee was increased by 3% again. Only one month later, the dyeing fee will be raised again. Up to now, after the year, a total of 6% of dyeing fees have been raised, ranging from approximately 0.03 yuan per meter.

The number of printing and dyeing factories that raised dyeing fees several times during the month was not small, and it is reported that the dyeing fees of printing and dyeing enterprises have generally risen by more than 5% in 2017. It can be seen from the notice that the reason for the increase in dyeing costs was due to the rise in raw materials such as dyes. Not only dyeing costs rose twice in January, but the list was also discharged to the nearest month. More printing and dyeing plants stopped picking up the billet, and the billet was signed by the plant manager. It can be seen that at present, printing and dyeing factories are at peak times in the peak season, and shipping has become a chronic problem.

A certain fabric merchant Wang always told the author: “I have a batch of Bra to the dyeing factory for twenty days, and I haven’t moved anything yet. I’m really anxious. There is a small cylinder with more than 200 meters, and I waited for 20 days. I can't wait, I can't wait, add 2,000 yuan, let them hurry to do it for me. This batch of cloth sales price is not 2000 yuan, this kind of loss can only eat by oneself!" During the busy season, the printing and dyeing plants are shipped congested to the fabric manufacturer. There are many follow-up questions. For example, problems such as Wang's small tanks and urgent expenses, payment of delays, delays in canceling orders due to delivery delays, etc. may all occur due to the speed of shipment of dyeing plants.

Under the high pressure of environmental protection, non-standard printing and dyeing companies have stopped production and rectification. Limited printing and dyeing capacity, sudden increase in downstream demand, destruction of supply and demand environment, leading to the emergence of such "domineering" regulations. "Checking environmental protection, prices increase" is the practice of printing and dyeing industry in the past. Nowadays, not only the price of dyeing is rising, cash customers are no longer “appreciating”, and customers who have owed money have been exempt from paying respects. Delivery of fabrics for 40 days will allow the fabric manufacturers to live. . . .

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