"Self-study", as the name implies, is not in school to learn, and there are no teachers often guide, all by themselves learning.At all times and at home and abroad, under difficult conditions, I have made great contributions to learning by studying hard and studying hard on my own, even in the literary, artistic, scientific and technological fields.In foreign language learning, the revolutionary tutor has set an example for the later generations.Marx taught himself several foreign languages, including English and Russian.Lenin and his revolutionary partner, krupskaya, also taught themselves English when they Shared their exile.In China's reform and opening up and development of the "four modernizations" into the new way, in the implementation of the "three represents" the important thoughts of grand cause, also there has been a lot of hard self-study language achievement of youth.Facts have proved that it is possible to teach oneself foreign languages.Sometime,we also learn some workwear fabric information.


Create an English environment

We must see that language is ultimately a tool for people to exchange ideas and socialize.Its own attributes determine that it is best to learn in a certain form of co-use.Especially when we want to learn a language comprehensively, that is, to learn and master it from listening, speaking, reading, writing and even translating, that is, to reach the "five meetings", if only

It is difficult to have a book (textbook) in hand without any outside conditions.The so-called external conditions, including teachers

The person that oneself walk a few steps first) occasionally give directions (oral or written), English TV broadcast program, computer network data, record

Machine and tape, radio, reference books, reference books and certain reading materials.We know that Marx used to think of himself

Sunnytex a keep study team,no matter life or working.As a safety wear supplier,we export high quality pants,vest ,jacket,coverall and so on.


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