Future textiles have no boundaries - the 2018 Borderless Cooperation Coalition will be held in Shanghai

The scene of the 2017 Boundless Cooperative Alliance Conference is still vivid, as if yesterday's movie was quietly displayed in front of the eyes. The founder of the Borderless Cooperative Alliance, Ms. Zhou Juan, has the word “not alone, there must be a neighbour”. Between, prolonged. On March 15th, the 2018 Borderless Cooperation Alliance Conference arrived in Shanghai as expected.

In 2018, the fifth ODM alliance originated from a dream to solve a pain point. The major officials implemented exactly the same thing and the meeting shared high energy.

Since its founding in 2012, the Borderless Cooperation Coalition has gone through six years. Six years ago, she created a borderless cooperation alliance with a love for the textile industry and a small dream. She said: The purpose of the Boundless Cooperative Alliance is to increase the efficiency of corporate cooperation in the industrial chain. The future business activities must be boundless. Therefore, we must break the boundaries between industries, break the boundaries between enterprises, break the boundaries between people and realize the shared situation in which everyone in the industry chain helps everyone. The six-year period is not too short. After half a round of grinding, the borderless cooperation alliance has now reached a new height.

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