Too long and bad nails are cut too short and actually harmful!

Too long and bad nails are cut too short and actually harmful!

We all know that nails that are too long are prone to germs and are not conducive to good health. Therefore, many people are accustomed to cutting their nails short, thinking that they can maintain good health. They don't know that not only can they not protect their fingers, they can even help them.

Nails are too short and bad

Too long nails are prone to bacterial growth, and it is easy to grow bacteria in the nails, especially long nails. Secondly, the long fingernail is easily broken, which not only makes the fingernail appear whitish marks, but also brings ten fingers to pain. Too long nails are very easy to scratch the skin, it is easy to cause harm to yourself or others.

It can be seen that there are many disadvantages of keeping nails long, so it would be good to leave short nails. Actually, it may not be good to stay short.

1 Damage to soft tissue

I believe many people have this experience, short nails, nail below the meat will be revealed, as well as touches a little sore, in fact, that is the nail below the soft tissue, soft tissue so that if exposed too much, certainly in some daily behavior Make it damaged.

2 induced paronychia

Too short to cut nails, in the process of taking things, working, doing housework, it is easy to get out of the nail bed. There is no nail coverage in the soft tissues in front of the fingers, the tip of the nails will grow inwards, and in severe cases it will induce paronychia. Susceptible to fungal attack.

Since nails are too long and too short to be too short, then how long will it be for nails to stay?

How long to stay right

From the health point of view, the nails should not be too long or too short, so it is better to cover the soft tissue under the arm completely and at the same time exceed a little. How often to cut it, can be measured according to the speed of human fingernail growth. In general, fingernails grow at an average rate of about 0.7 millimeters per week. It is recommended to cut twice a week, and the growth rate of the toenails is relatively slow. You can cut 1-2 times a month.

In addition, nails are cut first and then trimmed in the middle so that it is easy to control the length of the cut, avoid cutting the corners too deep, and avoid the newly-emerged nails from embedding in the soft tissues, damaging the skin around the nails and causing subcutaneous tissue purulent. Infected and cause other inflammation. In addition, when cutting your nails, you must cut it flat. Do not insert the nail clipper into the fingernail and cut it. If your nails have sharp corners, make sure to sharpen these sharp corners. In addition, we must promptly handle the nails on the edge of the nail, can not be directly removed by hand, so as not to injure the surrounding skin tissue, we must carefully use a nail clipper to cut the roots of the meat.

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