What are the basic requirements for tailoring work clothes?

What are the basic requirements for tailoring work clothes?

Workwear has become a way for many companies, companies, and factories to display their corporate image. It can not only play a unified beauty, but also enhance the cohesiveness of the company, standardize the behavior of employees, and facilitate unified management. And a suitable overalls, all need to be customized, because the customized work clothes are based on the actual measured data, so it is the most suitable for their own wear. So what are the basic requirements for custom-made workwear?

       1, the fabric is better

       Everyone should know that the overalls are the clothes we wear at work, and it takes a long time. Therefore, when we make the overalls, we should choose the fine fabrics as much as possible, so as to ensure the long service life of the overalls. Under normal circumstances, you can consider pure wool, cotton, cotton, cotton, wool, polyester, cotton and other fabrics, these fabrics are not only hygroscopic, comfortable, but also very economical.

       2, less color

       In a workwear, its iconic color occupies an important position, which can represent the characteristics and image of its company and enterprise. However, when choosing a color, the color should be less and less, otherwise too much color, when it looks, will appear disorganized or fancy, which is not conducive to maintaining the overall image of the company and the company. Therefore, when the overalls are made, it is best not to choose more than three colors.

       3, work to be fine

       The fineness of workmanship is a standard for us to measure a tailored workwear. Only good work can be made to produce a workwear with good product quality. Therefore, we can check the fineness of workmanship through the car line, embroidery and other aspects. For example, when making a production, the car line should be flat, not wrinkled or twisted. The embroidery should be clear, the thread trimming and the reverse lining paper should be cleaned, the printing requirements should be clear, the bottom is not penetrated, and the glue is not removed.

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